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Special Announcement: 
  We no longer ship snub nose breeds or snub nose breed mixes. With this decision at this time we have no way to transport these breeds or breed mixes by air. Please do not fill out the below form if you want to ship snub nose breeds or snub nose mixes. 

Thank you for considering Pet Air to act as your Professional Pet Shipping Agent. Pet Air only ships for clients with a current shipping account on file. Shipping accounts are valid for one year.  Shipping account applications and renewals cost twenty-five dollars. All clients with a current shipping account on file that has been submitted online will be listed on our Preferred Customer List and may qualify for online reservation discounts and shipping specials. Below we have listed some helpful tips on properly filling out our shipping account application.

Tips on Completing Our Shipping Contract

Pet Travel Agent

Filling in the Boxes: One of our most important tips is to fill in all the boxes on the application. If you leave any boxes blank you may get an error message and have to go back and fill in the empty boxes. If you don't know a contact person's name you can type in customer service rep., sales clerk, etc. If you don't have a fax number type in n/a.

Name of Shipper: This is the person who will be taking the animal(s) to the originating airport. Do not complete this application if you are RECEIVING the animal, or own the animal, but a friend or family member is taking it to the airport. Company names are acceptable provided you include your FEIN number and the driver's license numbers of any EMPLOYEES you wish to have approved to drop-off shipments.

Address: Provide your physical address (No P.O. Boxes). Be sure to include apartment and/or suite numbers where applicable.

Driver's License Number: Please provide your Driver's License Number, the State the license is issued in and the expiration date.
If you do not have a driver's license, you must provide another federally recognized identification number.

Examples are: passport number, state identification number, tax-ID number.

Type of Animals to Ship: This needs to be a general description of the animal(s) you will be shipping. Example: dogs, puppies, cats, exotics, birds, etc.

Airports Shipping From: List up to 3 airports that you ship from. Only list one airport per line. At certain times of the year, flights may be easier to get out of one airport versus another, so listing several will make it easier to ensure that we can make the best flight arrangements for your pets.

Veterinarian Reference: Provide the information for the veterinarian that has seen the animal(s). If you are not the pet owner, provide an additional business reference as well as the veterinarian information.

Business Reference: List a business that you have an active account with or that you pay on a regular basis. Examples are: auto insurance agency, utility company, supply or feed store, etc. Do not list  your own company or an employer as your business reference.

Application Fee: A $25 processing fee is charged immediately upon receipt of your shipping account application and is non-refundable. Application fee must be paid by the shipper listed at the top of the shipping account application.

MasterCard/VISA Account: Enter your credit card number, and the expiration date. The card holders name and address MUST be the same as the Shipper listed at the top of this form. We only accept MasterCard and Visa. Only payment from the shipper listed at the top of the shipping contract application will be accepted.

 >>Please be sure to read all terms and conditions before checking the agree box and submitting your application<<

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